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Crystal Earthworks was launched on the 11th of November 2002, after a group of experienced crystal therapists and teachers came together, in the August of that year, to explore how to take the crystal planting aspect of their work forward as an independent project open to all.

Crystal Earthworks is a holistic, non-denominational, not for profit project, with all monies earned being invested back into expanding the project for the greater good.

Its aim is to enhance and support the healing of our beautiful Earth Mother through the planting of crystals and their use in meditation. A key element of this is empowering individuals and communities across the globe to improve their own health and wellbeing through Earth focused action.

The project provides education, advice and support, through its website, publications, and courses. Earth Healing Meditations are held weekly, and crystal planting news and guidance is shared via the projects blog and social media platforms. The project also co­-ordinates crystal planting projects at a local, national and global level and provides programmed crystals for planting and personal use.

Crystal Earthworks is led by Sarah Louise Forsyth. Louise has an honours degree in Zoology and is an experienced primary teacher, having taught in a variety of settings both in the UK and abroad. After experiencing the benefits of holistic healing at a personal level in the mid-nineties, Louise retrained as a holistic therapist and teacher, specialising in meditation, reflexology, soul recall and crystal healing. In 2002 she chose to focus her energies on Earth Healing using crystals, and since then has combined developing this work through Crystal Earthworks, with part-time therapy and teaching work. Now retired from primary teaching, she is currently completing the projects first book.

Louise has recently moved to Strathearn, Scotland, with her family and beautiful golden retriever Cora, from where the project is currently based. She has a deep love of the Earth and all forms of elemental life and draws spiritual inspiration from her meditation practice and being active in nature.

Many people have played a part in the work over the years, and eternal gratitude goes to each and every one of them, especially those who intuited and helped lay the initial foundations.

A special mention also goes to Jennifer A. Mole who has been a key contributor to the continued development of Crystal Earthworks over the last 18 years, both from her original base in North East Scotland, and more recently in Glastonbury, England.

Jennifer has recently moved on from the project in order to fully focus her energies on her beautiful Light and nature inspired art work. However Crystal Earthworks is forever indebted to her, for her love, support, wisdom and insight over the years, and in particular for her key role in the evolution of  the Pure Grace and Aura bodies of planting and meditation work. Her extensive crystal plantings to key energetic sites across the UK and beyond have left the Earth a lighter, brighter place for all. Her work as an artist can currently be found on instagram @jennifermoleart.