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What is Crystal Planting?

Crystal planting is the placing of a crystal, or a group of crystals, into an environment to negate negative energies, clear karmic imprints or cleanse, realign and strengthen an area or habitat, thus bringing about healing to the Earth and her inhabitants. Crystals may be planted outside into soil, under rocks, into cracks in stone or into water. Equally they may be placed internally in homes, places of work, schools, hospitals, places of worship or any other building or structure.

Different crystals and placements are used for different purposes and the crystals are cleansed and programmed (asked in a precise way) before planting to focus and empower their energy.

For example a fist sized piece of pyrite can be cleansed, programmed and then planted into the ground next to a mobile phone mast or pylon to negate the negative electromagnetic energies and thus health risks associated with such structures. A small piece of cleansed and programmed pyrite can be carried with a mobile phone to negate the negative electromagnetic energies associated with the use of such a phone thus improving health and well being.

Pyrite cube with carry pouch and mobile phone

Landfill sites can be gridded with cleansed and programmed fist sized amethyst pieces to contain and begin to transmute the negative energies within, and houses within the immediate vicinity of such sites can be similarly planted to provide protection from the surrounding negativity.

Programmed amethyst chunks ready to grid landfill site

Sites of former battles, warfare or terrorist attack can be healed using fist sized pieces of rose quartz, cleansed programmed to bring peace and healing to the land and all within. Whilst derelict sites, abandoned land or areas undergoing change of use can be planted with medium sized amethyst rounds or chunks, cleansed and programmed to bring positive change for all.

Rose quartz chunks for planting to former battlefield

Inside, cleansed and programmed pyrite can be used to negate the negative effects of computers, televisions and microwaves on health, amethyst and rose quartz can be used to cleanse and enhance the ‘life energy’ of our food and rose quartz can be used to veil peace and healing to an area or aid restful sleep.

Rose quartz to fruit basket