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Enhancing energy and preservation of food

Our soil is much poorer than it was say 50 years ago, in terms of 'energy', nutrients and natural positive charge as a direct result of the 'light energy' decline of our planet, use of chemicals, intensive farming methods and climate change.

We can no longer easily absorb all the nutrients we require from the food we eat even if we eat mainly organic grown produce.

To maximise our intake of all that we need to stay healthy, it is best to eat as much organically and preferably local grown produce as possible. The fresher and purer the produce the greater its nutrient and 'energy' value. It is also advisable to take a good quality vitamin supplement daily to support our dietary requirements.

Crystals can then be used in the kitchen and in the garden, to enhance and enable the retention of the 'life energy' of our food, and aid its preservation and thus its nutritional value at the point of consumption.

This leaflet explains how to use programmed crystals with our fresh produce and when growing our own vegetables to improve the quality of our dietary intake and thus overall health and wellbeing. An action sheet is available to programme and plant your own crystals for use in the vegetable garden.