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Crystal Planting Projects

Negating Negative Electromagnetic Energy in the Environment

Pyrite is a beautiful shiny metallic crystals available in both natural and polished forms. Also known as fools gold it it a powerful absorber of negative electromagnetic energies and thus has a particular relevance to our lives at this time. Pyrite can be used in the home, school and workplace in connection with computers, WiFi, electrical appliances and also carried alongside mobile phones to negate their negative effect on the environment and our health and well being. Programmed pyrite and accompanying leaflets are available for all these uses.

Pyrite can also be used on a larger scale to negate negative electromagnetic energy. Fist sized pyrite chispas can be appropriately programmed and planted to negate the negative effects of pylons, mobile phone masts and substations. This type of planting has begun in the UK in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, Manchester and Scotland and is currently being implemented in Orkney. It is envisaged that in time this work will extend both nationally and across the globe.

Programmed pyrite chispas suitable for this type of planting along with accompanying leaflets to guide the planting are available from the Crystal Earthworks shop. Alternatively you can download an action sheet to enable you to programme and plant your own pyrite chispas.

We are currently building a database of this type of crystal planting and records can be submitted to our Facebook page.