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This is a new page for the website, begun in October 2023. We have found over the years that sharing experiences of our crystal planting and meditation work really helps to bring the power and beauty of this way of healing alive. Although regular posts are made to the blog and our social media pages, I will be gradually pinning key experiences here as a source of further inspiration. FOUNDATION PLANTING 'In November 1999, seven months pregnant with my first child, I ventured into the grounds of an Abbey in North Yorkshire, England and tentatively planted into the earth there, to the centre of the ruins, a small rose quartz crystal. I then scattered tiny pieces of amethyst as I walked the rough ground to the perimeter of the site, which at that time was unkempt and litter strewn. The energy of this historically spiritual place felt peaceful, yet unfulfilled somehow, as if it’s true purpose and beauty was withheld, sullied in some way, perhaps by its chequered history. For it had once been a place of learned spiritual teaching, during the 7th and 8th centuries, only to be laid waste in the 9th century by Viking raiders. It then rose once more as a focus of spiritual celebration and teaching in the late 11th century, before being all but destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries under the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th Century and then by subsequent bombing during the First World War. The rose quartz placed was to bring peace and healing to the Abbey and those who visited it. The amethyst to cleanse and heal the land of negative sores mirrored in the accumulation of rubbish and general neglect. This was my first experience of planting crystals to the Earth, prompted by a feeling I had received when meditating of the need to do this, in this way, to this site. I had just completed my crystal therapist training and although most of my experience of using crystals for healing purposes was with people, I had felt drawn throughout my course work to using crystals in the environment in some way. Five years later on Easter Sunday I returned to the site of this Abbey after numerous interim visits by myself and others to crystal plant, heal and strengthen the land at this beautiful and spiritually significant place. The crystals I planted this time were not for cleansing the area but for opening up a vortex of energy to touch the hearts of all who visit this place, to remind them of their inner strength of their true purpose here on Earth at this time. There is no litter to the Abbey now; the grounds are well cared for to their very edge. A simple yet beautiful visitor centre has been developed and the energy to the site is one of profound stillness and peace. Crystal planting work to this place has continued over the years, yet to the areas beyond the Abbey boundaries, prompted again through meditation, dreams or overwhelming feelings of requirement for positive change.’ Louise Forsyth (Excerpt from 'Crystal Clear’, Crystal Earthworks first book which is awaiting publication.)