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Personal Meditation

Meditation is the key to our lives. Daily practice at a personal level allows us to return to a place of peace, recharge our energy and receive insight into current challenges, decisions or questions facing us.

All that is required is to site in a place of peace for a few moments each day and allow our minds to still. Gradually building on this practice until you are able to focus on being at peace for 10 – 15 minutes twice a day can transform your life. Some prefer to sit in silence, others find music or guided meditations help them to focus and clear the mind, there are no rules and everyone is different!

Meditation using crystals is very powerful and should only be undertaken with the guidance of an experienced crystal therapist or it can do more harm than good.

A guide to simple relaxation and basic meditation techniques is available here to download.

Community and Global Healing

Crystal meditations form an important part of the Crystal Earthworks global healing work. Currently there are two weekly focused meditations to which anyone can connect into where ever they are based to send much needed help to others in need across the globe.

Ongoing crystal healing work also takes place in connection with the crystal cairn at Old Nisthouse, in Orkney, from where the project is based.

The transformative power of this type of work is beyond our imagination, and the more people who connect in the greater the healing effect, so each and everyone of us can make a difference.

Crystal Earth Meditations

These are held weekly on a Monday night through 8pm GMT and are under the leadership of Louise Forsyth, from Old Nisthouse, the projects base in Orkney. The focus, and crystals used, change from week to week and details including a photo of the relevant crystals are posted to the Blog during the day on Monday.

To connect in, simply sit in a place of peace close your eyes and turn your attention to the focus and image of the crystals used.

Pure Grace Meditations

These are held weekly on a Wednesday through 12 noon and are under the leadership of Jennifer Anne Mole, in Banff, North East Scotland. The weekly focus and crystals used change throughout the month but follow a regular pattern. Full details are available here to download.

To connect in, simply sit in a place of peace close your eyes and turn your attention to the focus and image of the crystals used.

Crystal Cairn

In the garden of Old Nisthouse in Orkney a crystal cairn has been set up from which healing can be focused both at a community and global level. Currently the cairn is a beautiful chunk of amethyst with other crystals beneath. The cairn can be directed to work at a general global level or to provide healing to a particular area or community. Changes to the focus are always posted to the Blog and updated here on the website.

To connect in and empower the healing focus, simply sit in a place of peace close your eyes and meditate on the focus or send positive thoughts or prayers whilst visualising the cairn.

Current Focus:

‘To help all in distress across the globe.’ (updated 12/11/15).