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Aura Planting

Global Aqua Aura Planting

Aqua aura has a rich aquamarine colour and is formed from bonding clear quartz with gold. The resulting crystals have a high energy promoting spiritual connection and the expression of unconditional love through heart felt action and communication.

The Aqua Aura project began in 2006. Its aim is to plant aqua aura crystals to places of high energy and spiritual connection across the globe. These sites may be mountainsides, cliff tops, standing stones, places of spiritual worship, gardens, woodland, anywhere each of us feels personally drawn to for spiritual empowerment and peace.

Each aqua aura crystal is specifically programmed and when planted will add to a growing matrix of spiritual energy being imbued to the planet as we move into the age of Aquarius. It is envisaged, that as this crystal matrix grows, individuals and groups will be drawn to visit the sites of planting of these crystals to enhance their own sense of spiritual strength, purity and peace. For every ninety nine of these crystals planted a greater enhancement of energy to the Earth will occur, benefiting all.

In connection with this developing matrix of light, programmed Aqua Aura crystals can be worn, carried or used in meditation.