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Aura Planting

Global Tanzine Aura Planting

These shimmering indigo crystals are formed by bonding clear quartz with gold and indium and sometimes niobium. This synergy creates a crystal form which promotes creativity and clear seeing balancing emotional energy with the spiritual dimension.

The first tanzine aura crystals were planted in 2007 without the project being formerly launched in February 2008. The projects aim is to plant programmed tanzine aura crystals across the globe to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment with particular reference to the creative arts.

Suitable sites for planting include art institutions, design studios, architects, art galleries, sculpture parks, museums, art, dance and music colleges, concert halls, opera houses, theatres, community centres, anywhere where any form of art is created and creativity celebrated. As with the Aqua Aura project, each tanzine aura crystal is specifically programmed and will add to a growing matrix of creative energy being imbued to the planet. For every ninety nine crystals planted a greater enhancement of energy to the Earth will occur.

Programmed tanzine aura crystals as also available for personal use, to promote spiritually aligned creativity in the individual.