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Aura Planting

Global Topaz Aura Planting

Topaz crystals are a deep golden orange colour and are formed by bonding clear quartz with gold and iron producing a beautiful yellow orange coloration. It resonates with the spiritual and mental energy bodies connecting these to the sacral chakra promoting wisdom and clarity in decision making and life plan issues at both a personal and global level.

The seeds for this project were sown in the summer of 2007 and the project launched in February 2008 along side the Tanzine Aura Project. The aim of the Topaz Aura project is to facilitate spiritual connection and alignment with particular reference to places of wisdom, learning and decision making.

Suitable sites inched universities and colleges, Government/Parliament buildings, libraries, places of learning and training, hospitals and care homes, research laboratories, publishers, television and radio studios, businesses, banks and key institutions. As with the other Aura projects, each topaz aura crystal is specifically programmed and will add to a growing matrix of spiritual wisdom being opened to the Earth at this time. Again for every ninety nine topaz aura crystals planted an enhancement of this energy will occur.

Programmed topaz aura crystals are also available for personal use to facilitate an opening to spiritual wisdom.