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Planting for Peace

Planting Former Battle Sites of the British Isles

This project began in 2002 with the planting of the area of the Battle of Culloden in North East Scotland and is ongoing. Each site is planted with a grid of four fist sized rose quartz, appropriately programmed and placed to the outer corners of the site to bring about peace and healing to all within. As with the coastal hearts, the aim is to plant 99 sites which will then create a greater energy matrix of peace and healing across the Isles. Some sites planted are well known, others have come about through local knowledge of specific areas and we are very grateful to anyone who wishes to take part.

Programmed crystals are available from our shop or an action sheet available to download. Records should be submitted via our Facebook page.

If you would like to set up a similar project in your own country please get in touch.